Thinking Beyond is best described as a methodology that Westfield employs to identify real estate investment opportunities that generate above market returns relative to the underlying risk. Our business is about anticipating and taking advantage of opportunities, understanding where real estate and financial markets are headed, and knowing what our tenants will want and need.

We look to implement cutting-edge building technologies in our projects and help companies increase productivity by creating more comfortable work environments.  And we pay scrupulous attention to reducing inherent risks through value engineering, optimum financial structures, and negotiating the best pricing.

Thinking Beyond is knowing how to structure each aspect of a real estate transaction to facilitate the most advantageous risk-adjusted outcome. This includes negotiating flexibility in all aspects of the transaction (including debt) to optimize the potential exit scenarios.

Our business philosophy recognizes that doing right by our investors, partners, and tenants ultimately depends on delivered expected performance or they won't be with us tomorrow.

Investment Portfolio

Real estate is a cyclical asset class and its cycles are determined, in large part, by local spacial market fundamentals and capital flows. At Westfield, we never force a trade. A prudent strategy must recognize the importance of the cycles and requires a commitment to maintain pricing discipline when initiating an investment and a willingness to sell when capital markets and market fundamentals are favorable. We diligently attempt to structure our debt to enhance equity yields without taking unnecessary risk, as well as permit flexibility in holding periods to optimize value. While there is never the assurance of a positive outcome, there is no substitute for experience and there is no measure of performance like track record.

Partnership Total Capitalization Total Equity GP Co-Invest Partnership PDF

Industrial Partners I

Industrial Portfolio

Acquisition in Denver, CO
$30.7M $10.7M $4.7M Summary

Industrial Partners II

Light Industrial Portfolio

Acquisition in Boulder, CO
$17.1M $6.6M $900K Summary

Residential Partners III

BelaRosa at Anthem

Apartment development in Phoenix, AZ
$35.1M $16.3M $4.3M Summary

Office Partners IV

Guaranty Bank Building

Acquisition in Denver, CO
$51.9M $19.9M $3.1M Summary

Development Partners V

Lincoln Station

Mixed-use development in Lone Tree, CO
$36.6M $21.8M $2.5M Summary

Development Partners VI

1800 Larimer

Office development in Denver, CO
$204.8M $55.3M $15.4M Summary

Residential Partners VII

Multi-family Portfolio

Apartment development in Phoenix, AZ
$58.6M $54.6M $7.7M Summary

Medical Office Partners VIII

Penrose Medical Center

Medical office development in Colo. Springs, CO
$15M $6.6M $1.2M Summary

Medical Office Partners IX

St. Francis Medical Center

Land acquisition in Colo. Springs, CO
$2.7M $2.7M $700K Summary

Income Partners X

ParkRidge One

Acquisition in Lone Tree, CO
$38.9M $18.9M $1.8M Summary

Income Partners XI

Monaco South Apartments

Acquisition in Denver, CO
$15M $4.5M $625K Summary

Income Partners XII

Mountain View Corporate Center

Acquisition in Broomfield, CO
$93.8M $31.2M $1.3M Summary

Investment Partners XIV

Belleview Corporate Plaza

Acquisition in Denver, CO
$36.3M $15.3M $1.2M Summary

Investment Partners XV

Golden Ridge I & II

Acquisition in Golden, CO
$14.9M $5.8M $1M Summary

Ridgeline Ventures

8757 South Ridgeline Boulevard

Acquisition in Highlands Ranch, CO
$6.3M $2.3M $1M Summary


Harmony Corporate Center

Acquisition in Fort Collins, CO
$35.5M $14.7M $1.3M Summary


4120 Brighton Boulevard

Acquisition in Denver, CO
$23M $12.5M $1.43M Summary


Prospect neighborhood

Land acquisition in Denver, CO
$6.9M $6.9M $2.2M Summary


14700 Smith Road

Acquisition in Aurora, CO
$9.5M $9.5M $1.2M Summary


HUB 25

Acquisition in Denver, CO
$46.43M $8.53M $1.88M Summary


Stanley Marketplace

Acquisition in Aurora, CO
$30M $9.1M $865K Summary


4201-4221 Brighton Boulevard

Acquisition in Denver, CO
$6.4M $6.4M $918K Summary
Total $815.43M $340.13M $57.21M


I’ve known the senior members of Westfield for almost a decade and have invested in more than ten of their deals. I’m very comfortable recommending Westfield as a solid firm when considering real estate investment alternatives. They fought hard through the recent recession and performed well, and there is no better test than a bad market.
- Richard L. Knowlton, CEO Hormel Foods - retired, Investor
I’ve invested in seven different Westfield partnerships over a period of eight years. The principals at Westfield have demonstrated solid integrity and tenacity through good times and bad. In the recent real estate recession, they fought through adversity and performed very well relative to the difficult context. While no investment offers an assurance of outcome, I’m very comfortable serving as a reference for Westfield.
- Philip J. Erdle, Brigadier General USAF retired, Chairman of Investments - International Education Foundation, Inc., Investor
With over 40 years of experience in the finance business, I’m highly selective when considering a joint venture partner. Westfield has a solid reputation and it is a firm with whom I have enjoyed working. We share similar values and conservative approach to the real estate investment business.
- Dennis Coughlin, President - Coughlin & Company, Investor
I’ve spent the majority of my career heavily involved in the Colorado real estate market and I’ve know the principals at Westfield for decades. They are a unique group of experienced individuals with diverse and complimentary skillsets. I don’t often recommend an investment firm to my friends but I am quite comfortable serving as a reference for Westfield.
- Larry Grace, Co-Founder - LaSalle Partners, Investor
We consider ourselves to be highly selective when considering deal sponsorship. The principals at Westfield have established themselves as professional and resourceful in their approach. I have no reservations recommending Westfield to our close friends and business associates.
- Rick Brown, Chief Operating Officer - Mizel Financial Holdings Inc., Investor