Westfield applies deep local knowledge and extensive experience in the Colorado and Arizona real estate markets to identify and acquire commercial and multi-family properties, whose values and cash flows can be enhanced through sophisticated asset management, leasing, development and redevelopment strategies.  Significant co-investment by Westfield principals assures complete alignment with Westfield investors.

Principals of Westfield co-invest alongside a select group of accredited private clients in various investment vehicles.

  • Investments sourced and managed by a team of highly experienced real estate professionals
  • Deal structures generally use moderate levels of leverage
  • Since 2003, the capitalization of Westfield acquisitions exceeded $300 million (excludes development partnerships)


Westfield has evolved into one of the nation’s foremost developers of office and transit-oriented developments, using advanced systems and technologies to enable greater business productivity, higher tenant satisfaction, and lower building operating costs.

Westfield principals collectively have been involved in developing five million square feet of prestige office buildings, office parks, retail centers and corporate headquarters.

The company has become a leading proponent of under-floor air technologies in office and build-to-suit corporate headquarters projects. The company is also a leader in building sustainable projects, achieving the highest available LEED ratings for its flagship development, 1800 Larimer.

The hallmark of Westfield projects is to work with tenants to create the most productive, worker friendly and efficient business environments. Enhanced work spaces can help reduce sick days, encourage employee recruitment and retention, and boost corporate bottom lines.

For corporate clients and partners, Westfield is prepared to discuss a variety of relationship options depending on your goals and risk profile:

  • Joint venture
  • Build-to-suit/sale
  • Build-to-suit/leaseback
  • Fee

Property Management

Westfield provides property management services across a portfolio of office, industrial, and retail assets, totaling more than two million square feet. The company’s property management approach centers on enhancing work and living environments for tenants, while reducing operating costs and improving property values.

Westfield maintains close touch with tenants, enabling our diverse and experienced management team to react and deal quickly with tenants’ changing needs and future plans. Services include:

  • Immediate response to tenant requests in day-to-day situations and emergencies
  • First-hand dealing with mechanical, electrical and plumbing needs and concerns
  • Life safety training, coordination and drills
  • Coordination of all tenant construction requirements, move-ins, open houses and deliveries
  • Coordination with tenants’ communication system provides for immediate, 24/7 access to building phone/data lines and rooftop equipment